3 Post Interview Essentials

So you have just had the job interview of your life!

But there’s still more that you need to do to be a truly exceptional candidate.  The following will give you 3 post interview essentials to landing the job you want.

1 – Reflect on your interview performance

What did you do well?  What can you do better?  Were there any great achievements that you didn’t get to tell?  Write down your thoughts and anything you will do differently.  This is essential so you can improve and if there’s anything that you forgot to tell them you can do so when you send your follow up email.

2 – Send a follow up email

This is a simple gesture that will see you reaping the rewards.  In your follow up email say thanks for meeting with you and enthusiastically let them know what you learned about the company, team or role.  If you forgot to mention anything about your skill set or give an example of one of your achievements then you should do that too.  You should also say that you look forward to hearing back from them.  Keep this concise.  Every word must count.

I recommend sending this email the day after your interview.  This is so you and your amazing skills are pushed back in front of the interviewers the next day and you are back in their thoughts once again.

3 – The follow up phone call

Firstly, you only need to do this if the interviewer said that they were going to call you by a certain day and that day has come and gone.  Secondly don’t call more than once.  On this phone call just give a quick introduction and ask if there was any progress in the interview process.  Simple.

Now that you have insider knowledge about interview follow up I am sure you will be hearing YOUR HIRED in no time.  Y Executive has a job search program to suit you.  Visit us at www. yexecutive.com to find out more.

Skye London

Career Coach | Career development | Job Search

Skye London is Co-founder and Lead Career Coach at Y Executive. With a passion for coaching and extensive experience in all things recruitment Skye has developed a reputation as the go to person for help with your career.
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