5 Signs Its Time To Quit Your Job

5 red flags to help you decide if its time to quit your job.

If you have ever worked yourself into the ground for an unappreciative manager or been put down in front of your peers, or had someone else take credit for your work then you will know the feeling of wanting to quit your job.  Maybe you’ve pictured yourself standing on the lunchroom table yelling “I hate all you people! I quit!”.  These are obvious signs that you need to get the hell out of that job and into a great new one.  It’s not easy working in a role that’s designed to make you fail.

The below red flags are signs that its time to reconsider working in your current job and move on:

Red flag 1 – Your manager is rubbish and they aren’t about to change

You report into a crappy manager.  Perhaps they are aggressive or immature.  Perhaps they ignore you.  Perhaps they are incompetent or perhaps they take credit for your hard work.  Either way working for a rubbish manager is going to make your work life miserable.

Red flag 2 – Your voice isn’t heard

Have you ever contributed great ideas or solutions to problems only to be shut down? Or worse not even listened to?  If you have then you will know how soul destroying it is.  If this keeps happening to you then you should take your ideas to a workplace that appreciates them.

Red flag 3 – You are not being set up to do your job well

Your targets are unachievable, your KPI’s are unrealistic and the workload is piling up.  Maybe you have been given yet another project to work on.  It might even be as simple as not having the technology to support you.  What ever it is; not being set up to actually perform at your best is just crazy.  You don’t need to put up with that.

Red flag 4 – Promises are being broken

So if you have been promised a promotion, a salary increase or involvement in a high profile project only to be left disappointed then you need to look at moving on.  Not honouring promises breaks trust and once you have lost trust in your workplace or manager its almost impossible to get it back.

Red flag 5 – You simply hate getting up in the morning and going to that hell hole

You can’t put your finger on exactly what it is but there is something about heading into work that makes your stomach sink.  It might even be a combination of the above red flags; either way you hate getting up and going to work.  I had a client tell me that she was crossing the road to get to work one day and was thinking to herself that “If I get hit by a car crossing this road I wouldn’t have to go into work.  If I only got hurt a little bit I could probably take a week off”.  At that second she knew that it was time to start planning her exit.

I have worked in corporates and like many of us, I have been in environments that can only be described as toxic, I have seen first hand just how easy it is to miss the signs that its time to quit.  I have personally felt disillusioned, thinking that I could do something to make my manager better or different.  It’s a tough gig.  If I were to go back into a role that displayed any of these signs I would quit.  There’s not enough money in the world to suffer through going to work in a role that doesn’t deserve you.

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