5 tips to getting a new job during a pandemic

Far OUT!  If anyone had of told me that we would be living through a pandemic in January of this year I would not of believed them.  But here we are doing just that.  I have friends, family, clients and professional connections reaching out to me asking how to navigate this incredibly difficult time.  It’s no easy feat and there is no easy answer but I have found that the below suggestions to be helpful with getting a new position.

1 – Take a breath

The very first thing I suggest doing is to simply take a breath and think about your current situation.  Are you in shock?  Are you disappointed?  Are you happy?  Are you wanting to take on a similar role to what you have just had? Do you see looking for a new job as an opportunity?  Are you freaking the hell out?  Whatever is going on for you is going to help you set your intentions for this unique job search period.  You might find that you decide on taking a break, or moving to a different industry, or even taking on some study.  Once you take a breath and get your head clear you will be able to start an effective job search strategy that is taking you in the direction you desire.

2 – Polish and perfect

The competition is fierce at the moment.  Candidates are a plenty and advertised jobs are on the decrease.  This means that your resume and LinkedIn profile need to be polished and perfected.  You need to have a resume that matches up to the job as closely as you can.  This means that you should customise your resume for every single job you apply for to get the best cut-through. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be complete and keyword rich. 

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3 – Consistency is key

When you are applying for a new job it is a good idea to set yourself up with a routine and try and stick with it.  This is particularly important when you are in a situation where you feel like there is less control.  If you are consistent in your approach to your job search and stick with the routine even on the days where you would rather be watching Netflix then you will have the satisfaction knowing that you are not missing out on advertised jobs. 

Another part of consistency is making sure that your personal branding is consistent and that your resume and LinkedIn profile are matching-up.  You won’t want a recruiter to turn their yes to a no because your LinkedIn profile isn’t consistent with your resume.

4 – Know what you’re willing to settle for (and what you’re not)

Right now you might be saying to yourself “I am just going to take any job to make ends meet”.  This is totally fine, but I suggest taking time to review your expenses and figure out exactly what kind of salary or hourly rate you will need to live the lifestyle you want.  There may be some wiggle room between your previous salary and what is on offer for similar roles at the moment or maybe there isn’t.  You will need to know this, and you will also need to be clear with what salaries are doing and what you’re worth in the market at this time.  It might not be as low as you think. 

5 – Build up your resilience because it really isn’t time to take things personal.

So I am just going to be blunt here.  The reason you are not employed is probably not because you are terrible at your job or that you need to be applying for jobs at a much lesser salary.  It’s probably because we are going through a pandemic.  Having a thick skin and the ability to keep motivated, even in the face of rejection, is going to be a huge asset to you.  The next time you get a rejection email remind yourself to not take it personally. You are worthy of a great new job and you can absolutely land one if you keep on trying, growing and customising that amazing resume of yours!

If you are out of work at the moment, please make sure you are getting your basic needs met first.  This might mean slowing your lifestyle, starting a new budget or perhaps you need to simply give yourself some time to get your head in the right space.  Taking a day or a week (or longer if you need) to feel more like your best self is only going to help you get your head in the job search game.  Remember, this is one of the hardest times our community will face. What we need to do is be kind to ourselves and to each other. 

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