6 Ways A Career Coach Will Transform Your Career

6 reasons a Career Coach can take your career to the next level.

If you want to be a great tennis player you get a specialist tennis coach. If you want an amazing singing voice you get a specialist voice coach. If you want to get help with your relationship you get a specialist relationship coach. So, if you want an amazing career its no surprise that you need to get a specialist Career Coach.
Carer coaching is used widely to build leadership capability in people who want to be key players in the corporate arena. Paul Michelman, writing in the Harvard Business Review Working Knowledge, reports that most major companies now make coaching a core part of their leadership development programs. This is because leaders from all levels of the business can be better performers, make better decisions and have clear achievable goals simply by working with a career coach. Career coaches will work with you to develop your leadership and decision making sills, develop your relationship building ability and coach you to perform at your peak. The below are just 5 of countless reasons to work with a career coach.

1 – You will impress your manager A LOT!

If you think your manager is impressed with your performance now wait until you are working with a coach. Most of my clients get a reward of some kind once they start career coaching. This might be a public thank-you, cash bonus or winning at the company awards night.

2 – You will have better performance reviews and bigger bonuses

Your performance reviews will be so positive you will leave on a high. We all know that a good performance review results in a good bonus. Imagine what your performance review and bonus might be like with a career coach by your side.

3 – You will know what you want to achieve and how to achieve it

One of the best things about working as a career coach is seeing my clients get really clear on what they want and achieving it. Having career goals and a plan to get there is super important. It doesn’t matter if you’re a receptionist, a team leader, a project manager or the head of finance without a plan your letting someone else or maybe chance dictate your career progress.

4 – You will have a tailored leadership development program

Unlike your usual leadership development program having a career coach means you will get dedicated, tailored development that you will be able to implement at work on a continual basis. This is awesome and one of the many ways you will see changes in your abilities day to day.

5 – You will have dedicated time to focus on your career development.

Have you ever tried to lose weight and then not changed anything or have any plans on how to actually lose weight? It would be impossible right. It’s the same with your career. If you’re just going to work everyday and not focusing on what you want, not making long lasting change and not having any set plans to reach your goals then you’re unlikely to get there.

6 – You will have dedicated time to discuss your career, issues at work and performance with someone who is NOT your manager

This is the best part about having a career coach. Your manager may be great (or maybe they’re not great at all) but do you really want to talk to them about how Sarah is hard to work with or how your team isn’t respecting a decision you made or that your partner is putting a lot of pressure on you to work less hours? What about when you want to move to another role? What about when you totally stuff something up? Is your manger even competent in coaching you on this stuff? Do they even have enough time in their day to help you with your career? Having someone who understands the corporate workplace, gets what you want and can listen and guide you is a much better person to talk to. You can make mistakes, flesh out ideas and have an action plan before you take them to your manager. It’s like you instantly become a better employee who gets more stuff done with way less fuss. This is only ever a good thing
A great career coach will work with you to build your reputation, develop professional relationships and increase your competitive drive in the workplace. Most importantly a great career coach will coach you in achieving what you thought was impossible.

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