Does Your Boss Value You? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

If you don’t know if your boss values you or not then they probably don’t.

Take this quiz to see if your boss values the work that you do.

Question 1 – You stay back at work to get that crucial piece of work delivered before the deadline.  Your boss:

  1. A) Doesn’t stay back.  Instead she goes out for drinks with your team mate Jo
  2. B) Stays back to help you out.  The next day she complains about being tired
  3. C) Doesn’t stay back.  She knows that you can handle it.  The next day she thanks you for a job well done

Question 2 – You are presenting at the all team meeting.  Your boss asks you:

  1. A) if you need her to present instead.  This is a “big” presentation after all
  2. B) What support you need.  Then complains that “she has to do everything”
  3. C) What support you need.  She genuinely wants to know

Question 3 – You are going on holidays and ask your boss who you are you handing over to. She says:

  1. A) No one.  She doesn’t even know what you do all day
  2. B) She tells you to hand over to Jo but quickly follows up with “Jo can’t do everything so you will have to check your emails during the break”
  3. C) Can you please hand over to Jo and I?  We know that you do a lot around here and we want to make sure you don’t get interrupted on your holiday.  You deserve a break

Question 4 – You ask your boss for advice dealing with a difficult situation.  Your boss tells you:

  1. A) To send you an email as she is too busy to talk to you right now
  2. B) Gives you advice but then you over hear her talking on the phone saying that you can’t do anything without asking her for help
  3. C) asks you some clarifying questions and together you come up with a solution

Question 5 – Its career / performance review time and you think it’s time for you to ask for a pay rise.  Your boss says:

  1. A) No.  She doesn’t think you deserve a pay increase.  She tells you what more you can do to have a chance at a pay rise next year
  2. B) She will pass to HR to make a decision.  She doesn’t mention anything about it again. Ever!
  3. C) She agrees and says that you are working really hard and that you deserve to be recognised for your efforts

Tally up your results

Mostly A’s

Your boss does not value you at all.  She has no idea what you do and doesn’t care that you are working hard.  If this is your boss then you are going to want to assess your options and move on from that role.  Working in this kind of environment is soul destroying.

Mostly B’s

You have a terrible boss.  She doesn’t value you and she doesn’t value the company either.  She is the kind of person who only sees the work that she puts in herself and you definitely don’t want to be working for someone like this.

Mostly C’s

Your boss values you.  She sees that you are doing great work and she recognises your efforts.  She values your opinion and believes in you.  You have a great relationship with your boss and she seems like she will be a supporter for you and your career.  

If you scored mostly A’s or B’s please reach out to the team here at Y Executive.  We are here to help you navigate your next career step.  Shoot us an email at

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