Here’s why you need a job search buddy

Searching for a new job can be a very lonely place, especially if you are currently out of work.  A way to help keep yourself in check is to have a job search buddy. 

So what is a job search buddy I hear you ask?  A job search buddy is someone who you can talk to about your job search, someone who can encourage you through the hard times and celebrate you through the good times.  I like to think of a job search buddy as like a friend you go to the gym with to help hold you accountable for working out.  They show you that you’re not alone in this journey.  A job search buddy is able to support you through your job search and can help keep you motivated. 

A good job search buddy will be someone who you trust, they will be honest and most importantly they will be able to give you feedback.  What works best is if your job search buddy is also on the hunt for a job and you can support each other.  Imagine being able to chat with your buddy in the morning before you begin your job search and then be able to hold each other accountable for what needs to be done throughout the day. 

If you are looking for a job search buddy then I suggest looking at your immediate friendship circle, then your wider professional network.  If that doesn’t work, then you can hire a professional career coach to help get you started.  It’s amazing the difference a job search buddy can make in your search for a great new job.  If you have tried this strategy, I’d love to hear about it!  Feel free to reach out via

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