Here’s why you should never give up trying to land your dream job

You have applied for a few jobs. You have had a few rejections. You wonder why you aren’t getting interviews. You decide that you’re never going to get that great new job. Then you give up…

We all know that looking for a new job is really tough. The market is competitive. It can take its toll on your confidence. You start to think that maybe you’re not going to get this great new job after all. This is a common thought process for job seekers. If you give up then you are not going to reach your career goals. It’s that simple.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should keep looking for your next career step and not give up.

1 – If you don’t change nothing changes (and change is easy)

Ok. So maybe change isn’t that easy, but it is much easier than having a lifetime of career regret. I recommend re-working your resume, enhancing your LinkedIn profile and changing the way you are applying for jobs. You might find that few simple changes takes your job search game to career success.
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2 – Don’t let a few rejections determine your career success

Let me tell you a little secret. Recruiters are not rejecting YOU! They are not looking at you and saying “nope”. They are looking at hundreds of job applications and rejecting the job applications that are not the closest match to the job requirements. I know it’s hard to not take the rejections personally but I promise that the recruiter is not trying to personally attack you. Recruiters are working on several jobs at any one time and are searching for the candidates that best match the requirements for the jobs they are recruiting for. Just because there was another candidate that had something that you didn’t doesn’t mean that you’re not a great candidate. It just means that your job application didn’t include that aspect. Don’t let a few rejections take away from your career success. Instead you should start looking for a job that will match your skills most closely. Use your networks and get your resume and LinkedIn profile in-front of the right people.

3 – Don’t listen to the haters

Just because the guy you sit next to at work didn’t have any success breaking into a great new job doesn’t mean that you wont. Just because your friend has been on the job market for 12 months doesn’t mean that you will be. Just because someone told you that your industry is too competitive to get a new job doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be the candidate that gets the next job. You need to block out the noise and believe in yourself.

4 – Stop being a slave to your comfort zone

We’ve all heard the quote “success begins outside your comfort zone” and the thing is it’s 100% true. If you want to land a great new job then you are going to need to get yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things, meeting new people and taking proactive steps forward.

5 – Believe that you can and let your determination lead you to career success

No-one wants to hire a candidate that doesn’t believe they are worthy. The best candidates are those that are able to convince the recruiters that they are going to excel in the job. You really must believe in yourself, your capabilities and to top it off you really must have the determination to keep going even when you have had a few rejections.
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Rejections are part of the job search process. It happens to almost every candidate applying for a job. The next time you get a rejection remind yourself to not take it personally. You are worthy of a great new job and you can absolutely land one if you keep on trying. You will need to keep improving your job search techniques, resume, LinkedIn profile and accessing and growing your networks. If you keep focused on your end career goal and keep determined to succeed no mater what, then you will get there.

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