How To Cope When You Hate Your Job

Going to work in a crap job sucks so here are some tips to keep you motivated.

We’ve all been there. You are in a job that was ok at the beginning but as time has gone on it is getting to be a bit shit. Yep. You’re over it. You are starting to look for a new job but in the mean time you still need to be at your crappy existing job. You don’t want to look like a flake knowing that you are going to need to ask your manager to be a referee sometime very soon. This post is all about keeping yourself motivated when you need it most.

Look for small wins

Look for small wins and little milestones that will keep you going.

Set goals for yourself

Set your own goals. It might be something simple like having no unread emails for the week or something bigger like developing a proposal for the board. What ever it is; you set the goal and achieve it.

Complete something that you can add to your resume

See a task that you would like to add to your resume. Get involved in it. You will still need to deliver the role that you were hired to do but this will be a bonus and might help get your next job.

Focus on the delivery

Delivery is important. If you focus on the end goal you will see that what you are doing is contributing and fingers crossed this will motivate you to deliver it.

If all else fails take a short break, buy a packet of tim-tams or get yourself a soy chai latte. Whatever your vice, showing up to work when you hate it is reason enough for a treat

Skye London

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