How to pass your probation period

Now that you have started your great new permanent (full-time or part-time) job you are going to need to pass your probation period.  This is a time (6 months for most companies, 12 months for companies with less than 15 people) when you need to show that you can do the job that you have been hired for.  It is a time to impress and also a time to see if this new job is going to be the right company for you.   Bellow are my top 5 things to do in your first few months to pass your probation period.

1 – Be positive and enthusiastic

It’s important to bring the positivity and enthusiasm that you displayed in your job interview to your new job. It’s always great to see that your new employee is enjoying their work. If you are not enjoying your work during your probation period then I suggest you take some time to think about why. If there are some issues that need to be resolved then you will want to either resolve them or look at leaving. Its better to be honest with yourself and your new employer if you are already experiencing negativity.

2 – Show that you are listening during training sessions and make sure you write things down

One of the most important considerations with a new employee is making sure they have the training and mentoring they need to do the job. One of the most frustrating things is when a new employee doesn’t listen, doesn’t write down their own version of the instructions and then asks the same questions over and over again. To show that you are listening and that you can do the job be sure to clarify, write down your version of the tasks and make sure if you are asking questions ensure you are able to understand and then keep note of the answer. Showing that you can pick up the new skills, systems and processes is really important to show that you are ready to pass your probation period.

3 – Build relationships with your colleagues

Building relationships with your manager and colleagues is key to passing your probation period. You need to show that you are part of the team and are able to add to the company culture. I always suggest going to any social events and try to speak to others during breaks.

4 – Understand the expectations of your new role and achieve them

You must know the expectations of your new role to be able to meet them. You will likely have several meetings with your manager during your probation period and these are the best time to discuss what is required of you and how you are achieving results. You should be following up with your manager on your progress at these meetings but also at other times as appropriate. This could be via email but its always nice to speak with your manager about your successes. If you are not able to achieve one of your expectations it is essential to speak with your manager as soon as possible. Your manager will be the best person to offer assistance and advice. They are going to find out sooner or later so you may as well be honest upfront.

5 – Reflect on your role and ask for feedback

When you are in your probation period it is important to reflect on your progress and make sure you are receiving feedback on your work. You can ask for feedback from your manager and you can even ask from your peers if they are training you. You could simply say something like “can you please make sure I’ve got this right?” or “how do you think I am going?” or “what else do I need to know to be fully up to speed with this job”. The next step is to action any feedback. Easy!

If you are just starting in a new role, I wish you every success and I am sure that if you use these tips you will pass your probation period with ease.

Skye London

Career Coach | Career development | Job Search

Skye London is Co-founder and Lead Career Coach at Y Executive. With a passion for coaching and extensive experience in all things recruitment Skye has developed a reputation as the go to person for help with your career.
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