How To Spot A Toxic Workplace Culture Before You Accept The Job

So you have been looking for a great new role, you have performed really well during the interview process and they have just called to get your references.

The job offer is coming any day now.  This is great news, but you are going to want to make sure that you’re not walking into a toxic environment before you say jump on in and accept the role.  Take a look at the below and see if your new workplace passes Y Executives toxic work place test

If you answer yes to any of the below you need to seriously consider if this is the right work place for you.

1 – The interviewers aren’t clear on the role or who you will be reporting to

This is a massive red flag.  If the people who are interviewing don’t even know why they need the role in the business then imagine the chaos that is going to be going on in that place day to day.  If they don’t know who you will be reporting to then there is a lack of structure and this is likely to get messy and toxic fast.

2 –  They don’t get back to you when they say they will or the interview process keeps changing

How come they can’t stick to a process?  That’s the big question here.  If you started there would you just be left waiting for people to get back to you?  Will you be figuring out ever changing or non-existent processes and ways of doing work?

3 – You don’t get to meet the team or see the office space where you will be working

If you don’t get to meet the team, see the office space or at the very least get to meet a few people who you will be interacting with day to day then there is going to be a reason why.

4 – There seems to be different faces every time you interview

If you feel like there is always a new face or a change in the people who you should be seeing then that is your cue to run for the hills.  You definitely don’t want to be working for a company with a revolving door of starters and leavers.

5 – There’s just something about it that doesn’t feel right

You should definitely trust your gut instinct here.  If something just isn’t adding up or your gut simply says this isn’t all its cracked up to be then you should be very weary to accept the job offer.

If you’re not sure about the company culture at interview stage then I would be carefully considering if you are willing to take the risk.  If the workplace is toxic and you hate it you will be back on the job hunt with a glitch that needs you to explain why you are leaving a job so soon after starting.

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