How To Turn Down A Job Offer

You have been offered a job. But you have decided you don’t want it. Maybe you have changed your mind on moving jobs, maybe the salary is not going to work for you, maybe you have been turned off the job or the company or perhaps you have received another job offer (from another company) that you would prefer. Whatever the reason turning down a job offer is difficult. Here are my tips on how to turn down a job offer without burning bridges.

1 – Do it over the phone

The best way to turn down a job offer is over the phone. You don’t need to put it in writing you just need to have a conversation. You need to be clear with why you are not going to accept the offer whilst remaining professional.

2 – Do it fast

Call the recruiter as soon as you know that you are no longer going to accept the job offer. It is much easier for the recruiter to find another candidate if they haven’t already told a bunch of people that they didn’t get the job. Once you have spoken to the recruiter make sure you get to the point of your phone call quickly. You don’t need to be rude but equally you don’t need to go on and on about your reasoning or what the final outcome is going to be.

3 – Give a reason to why you are turning down the job offer but be polite

You need to make sure you have a clear reason as to why you are turning down the job offer. You also need to be prepared for a counter offer (particularly if your decision is salary motivated). If you get a counter offer you are going to need to know if this will change your mind.

Bonus tip – Give a referral if you can

If you know someone who would be suitable for the job there is no harm in referring them as a candidate. This will help you maintain a good relationship with the recruiter.

Skye London

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