Never EVER Say These 5 Things In A Job Interview

A job interview can be nerve wracking.

Its easy to say the wrong thing and we have all been given bad advice by a well meaning friend or family member who has no idea. The below will give you some insight into things to never EVER say in a job interview.

1- What does this company do?

You must (and I do really mean must) research the company before you go to the interview.  I hate it when a candidate doesn’t even know what the company does. It shows disinterest and that’s never a good thing.  I advise my clients to do some thorough research before the interview.  You should research the company and the person who is interviewing you.  There’s nothing wrong with a LinkedIn stalking session.

2 – My manager was so incompetent (or anything else negative)

Never say anything negative about your manager in the job interview.  Even if your manager was the main reason you are looking for a new job.  If you talk smack about your manager to a prospective employer it shows disrespect.

3 – My weakness is that I am a perfectionist / work too hard

Argh!!! This answer drives recruiters nuts.  It’s not a real weakness.  We know that you are only saying this because you read it somewhere or got bad advice from someone.  If you were one of my clients I would tell you that you need to give a real weakness. You also need to talk about what you are doing to make sure that weakness is either eradicated or at the very least not going to interfere with your work.

4 – I am a f*@king super star

Don’t swear. It’s as simple as that. Even if the recruiter swears. Don’t do it back.

5 – I don’t have any questions

You need to have some questions to ask the interviewer about the role, the company or culture.  I recommend preparing questions before you go to the interview so you don’t get into a situation where you cant think of anything.  Asking questions shows that you are eager and that you want to find out more.  This is a good thing.

Now that you know what not to say in an interview, why don’t you take a look at 5 things that you should do to land a great new job –

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