The Layout Of Your Resume Counts For More Than What You Think

Your resume is often the first chance you get to make an impression on your prospective employer.  So why do most people use a boring standard resume layout?

Having seen thousands of resumes in my time I can tell you that if your resume stands out in a positive way then you will have a better chance of the recruiter reading it.  A recruiter will likely get more than 100 application per job they are working on and they are likely working on more than 10 jobs at any 1 time.  It’s not rocket science to see that you will need to do something better than everyone else to get your resume noticed.  So here’s what your going to do.

Make Sure The Layout Looks Different But Still Sleek And Professional

I remember seeing a resume back in the early days of my career that was brightly coloured, it had these odd graphics and to make it even more strange it also had a floral border.  This is NOT what I mean when I say a sleek and professional layout.  What you should do is use infographics and icons, try using columns (magazine style) and use headings and font to give your resume some style.

Ensure All The Important Info Is In The Top 1 Third Of The First Page Of Your Resume

They say that the top third of the first page of your resume is what gets read before making the first decision to continue reading or simply toss your resume into the no pile.  Given this you obviously need to get all your most important and relevant details into the top third of the first page of your resume.  This isn’t easy but with some clever wording, icons and headings you can make a big impact.  Take your LinkedIn page as an example.  It gives your name, snapshot of what value you add via the headline section and gives your career profile via the summary section in about the same amount of space.  Most resumes only include things like name and contact details and career profile in the top third of the first page.  You can definitely do better than this with a clever layout.

So now you have another thing to worry about when preparing your resume.  If you want some advice on your resume you can always submit it for a free resume assessment via the Y Executive website at

Skye London

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Skye London is Co-founder and Lead Career Coach at Y Executive. With a passion for coaching and extensive experience in all things recruitment Skye has developed a reputation as the go to person for help with your career.
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